Corgi puppies

Beautiful, healthy, with a great psyche and breed temperament, well-grown puppies are our pride!
Satisfied owners are our joy!

The nursery has a maximum of 3 to 4 litters per year.

The nursery has a maximum of 3 to 4 litters per year. Each mating is thought out and felt with all the pros and cons long before the process itself. Our graduates live in many cities of Russia and in 10 countries of the world (USA, Sweden, Malta, France, Thailand, China, Lithuania, Abkhazia, Bulgaria, Belarus). They successfully participate in shows and practice agility. Each puppy is taken in hands and nursed not only by their mother. I can tell absolutely everything about everyone, even after many years. Each puppy is a personality with its own character, addictions in food, toys and even affection. We don't have an endless stream of puppies. Therefore, if you want to buy a puppy from us, then the application should be left in advance and you will have to wait for some time! To do this, fill out a questionnaire indicating your preferences for gender, color, tail, and also tell us about yourself and your expectations from the dog. Are you considering participating in shows, competitions or want a pedigree puppy as a companion. This is necessary so that we can find the right puppy for you!
After the birth of the puppies, I will inform you that a puppy that matches your wishes was born. The final selection of a puppy is carried out no earlier than 45 days old, after the registration - examination of the puppies for compliance with the breed standard. All our puppies are raised on a species-type diet without industrial feed. Our puppies receive homemade yogurt made from the milk of a local cow, quail eggs, meat from the first feeding. No porridge and dry food! Puppy health starts from the "first spoon"! Puppies move to a new home no earlier than 2 months in Russia after the primary vaccination. Sending abroad is possible no earlier than 3 months and 21 days after full vaccination, including rabies and quarantine.
At the time of the move, the puppies will have a stamp, a RKF puppy card, deworming and vaccination by age.

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