Born: 11.17.2018
Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of the National Breed Club,

Junior Grand Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF
He’s our first stud. Before getting him we went through a long process of carefully browsing and considering our options in type for our beauties.

Received from an exit mating with an American Ron (KAAMORA SHAMKIN I DREAM ON ANNLINE) and I am very proud that I was not mistaken in choosing a puppy and Chris is very similar to his outstanding father!

Chris is courageous, superbly built, has an amazing personality. The owner of a chic coat with right structure, dark eyes that emphasize the expressiveness of the look. It conveys itself well in children. Homozygous for red color, it produces only red color puppies.

Chris is very fond of shows and has been performing excellently since childhood. Experts note the breed type, a well-balanced, voluminous body, good angles and setups of the limbs, good format, excellent bones, free movement.