Born: 08.15.2017

Junior Champion of Russia,

Champion of Russia

7 ЛПП, 4xBIG-1, BIG-2, 2хBIG-3, JBIS-2, 3xJBIS-3

She was born in our kennel from our incomparable founder of the kennel Lucy (Expo Margaret’s Shato Margo) who is now a resident of the USA and the Grand Champion of America Sema (Laif Spring Real Secret). This is one of the last matings of Sema in Russia, almost on suitcases. I am very glad that we managed to carry out this mating and we have this wonderful dog! Jackie has excellent anatomy, absolutely inexhaustible energy and excellent performance. I am very proud that after the birth of the first puppies, 4 months later, Jackie closed the title of Champion of Russia in one weekend, becoming Best of Breed 4 times and winning BIG-1, as well as a numerous class at the specialty show "Welsh Shepherd" under a foreign breed expert.