How to choose a Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy

In preparing this article, originally, I wanted to write basic things that are on every site: that a puppy should be fat and cheerful, a breeder shouldn’t breed dozens of fancy breeds, and that there is a ton of scammers on the internet. But since you're here, I think you've read enough filler content already. And I don't have any ugly underfed puppies, so let's talk about the more pressing issues when choosing a puppy.

Male or female

A perennial question to which there is no right answer. Aside from physiology, which we will definitely talk about, the difference is primarily in character!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi studs are naive, trusting, ingenuous. They are honest and straightforward, and once explained that they shouldn’t do this or that – they will remember it for the rest of their lives!
Bitches. That's why a bitch is bitch! If she cannot do something one way, she will try every other possible way to get what she wants! Bitch lives on the principle that if you cannot, but really want to, then you can! Welsh Corgi Pembroke bitches are cunning, gentle and affectionate. But do not forget that the acceleration from a sweet bunny to creepy bitch is 1.5 seconds.

In general, everything as in humans!

About the intimate stuff

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Studs
Dogs go through a difficult period of puberty while growing up. The beginning of this process in young Welsh Corgi Pembroke males is evidenced by active attraction to bitches, which may appear at the age of 5-12 months. Physiologically, this is due to the fact that the male begins to synthesize testosterone and other sex hormones, and the first sperm cells begin to form in minimal quantitie. They are characterized by low activity, so in the early stages of puberty the male dog is unable to fertilize. The reproductive system is finally formed by 12-18 months of age.

A frequent phenomenon that can be observed when a young male dog communicates with his congeners is the saddling of both females and males of different ages. This action has nothing to do with sexual attraction! Thus, your little male dog is trying to dominate!
Cryptorchidism in male dogs
Cryptorchidism is when one or both testes do not descend into the scrotum, but are retained in the abdominal cavity or inguinal canal.

The lowering of the testes into the scrotum may be hindered by a number of mechanical causes: short spermatic cord, short vascular stem or too short seminal canal, underdevelopment of the scrotum, narrowness or obstruction of the inguinal canal, etc. These abnormalities can be caused by embryonic malformation, trauma or inflammation.
It is a misconception that cryptors cannot produce puppies. They can! One testis is sufficient for normal spermatogenesis, and in some cases the testes retain the ability to produce normal sperm, and even bilateral cryptors may not be sterile.

Cryptorchidism is common in the animal world and it is not a disease that requires treatment!

Castration of cryptorchids is completely unnecessary! Male cryptorchids lived quietly and had offsprings, until modern veterinarians made up stories about cancer of lost testicles and decided to earn money on it. Unfortunately, oncology in the animal world is the same as in the human world, but testicle oncology takes the last place.

If you do decide to castrate a male dog, no matter the reason, please wait until the dog is fully formed. Early castration (before one year of age) will be bad for your dog's health. Believe me, if this was possible, all non-breeding puppies would be handed over to their owners without any extra parts, as it is common with cats.

A cryptorch is a good puppy ‘for yourself’ if you are not planning on showing or pedigree breeding, because the cost is much lower and in fact it is no different from other puppies. Cryptorch puppy will have papers of origin with a note "not for pedigree breeding", branding, passport, vaccinations. Externally and by behavior cryptorch does not differ from their congeners with a full set of testicles.
My boy wants to get married
Fortunately, dogs have sex solely for the purpose of reproduction.
Only humans, dolphins and bonobo monkeys have sex for pleasure.
Therefore, we should not attribute human needs to the male dog. A male dog's desire for mating only occurs when he senses a bitch during a certain period of heat. At this time, the bitch exudes a certain smell, which signals the male dog that here is the moment for procreation and mating will end with the birth of offspring. The smell and nothing more! When a male dog does not smell that inviting scent, he thinks about the ball, the bowl, everything but the bitch!

The male dog will easily live his whole life as a virgin, without knowing the joy of fatherhood!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Bitches

The first heat in a Pembroke Welsh Corgi female can start between 6 and 12 months of age. From my personal experience 8-9 months. The first heat is profuse and since the bitch is not yet very aware of what is going on, the first time is just learning to groom herself. Subsequent heats are less noticeable. Heat in medium sized breeds tends to occur twice a year. During the heat period, special panties are very helpful. During the entire period of heat (3-4 weeks), it is necessary to walk on a leash to avoid unwanted mating.

There is a myth that a bitch just needs to "give birth once" for her health! Remember, giving birth has never been healthy for anyone, and your dog doesn't want to cuddle with puppies at all.

Oh yeah, your friends and family really want a puppy just from your dog! Believe me, when you have puppies, everyone will start having renovations, moves, divorces, and other joys of life that have no place for a puppy. Even more frustrating for them will be the fact that you want money for a puppy, and you will definitely want it. Mating, giving birth, and raising puppies is expensive financially and morally.
Can a bitch be spayed if you do not plan to breed her? You can, although I personally am against sterilization without medical indications. Neutered bitches gain extra weight very quickly and urine leakage is possible. It is possible to spay a bitch not earlier than 1.5 years.

To summarize, I want to say that each sex has its pros and cons. Also, by the nature of Pembroke males differ a lot from each other, as well as bitches.

Some people are closer to males, as I am, some people are closer to bitches.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy pet, breed, show class

A similar division on the quality and price of puppies can be seen on the internet and in the ads of some breeders. Like all professionals, I think that this approach is erroneous, because to guarantee a puppy of 2 months old or even less a breeding and show career, at least presumptuous and not professional!

Puppies can be divided into:
  • standard;
  • puppies with faults, not affecting their health (pet class, pet, call it whatever you like).
Standard puppies are puppies that meet the standards for coat, color, with scissor bite with 6 incisors on top and 6 on bottom. Studs have 2 testicles.

Pet class puppies are originally with standard faults which don’t affect the health of the dog, but don’t allow the dog to participate in exhibitions and breeding. I emphasize this point again: we are not talking about sick puppies.
What qualifies puppies for the pet class:
  • long coat (fluffy);
  • a lot of white, white spots on the ears and body;
  • teeth (bite, number of incisors);
  • cryptorch (absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum).
Such puppies have the same documents as their standard siblings, but with a stamp for non-breeding, marking, vaccinations and dehelmetization. They are somewhat cheaper than standard.

As for standard Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppies and their prospects. Of course, I'm not going to lie, that the breeder sees the anatomy and temperament of the puppy and can cautiously make a prediction that a puppy is promising. But it is not enough to give birth to a star, it should be raised! Champions are not born, champions are made! And it's a lot of work and a huge financial outlay.

And I know for sure that every puppy has its fated owner!

It's written somewhere in the book of fates!