Character of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke

The Welsh Corgi: History of the breed

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke belongs to FCI Group 1 "Shepherd and Herding Dogs".
Originally, they were bred as fearless shepherd's helpers, who would throw themselves at the feet of steers and make them change their trajectory. Of course, it is worth noting that under ‘bulls’ we mean small Welsh calves, not the massive cows we are used to seeing these days. Corgis were also used as guards of farmyards, protecting it against the encroachments of various birds of prey and rodents. Always on the alert, the Welsh Corgi roamed with poultry on the free range, protecting them from predators. They also helped to corral chickens and geese in the evenings.
In those days, huge flocks of geese were raised in Wales, which was the main source of income for many farmyards. It was commonplace to ferry these goose flocks to market. The geese would be herded along the road, and the corgis did an excellent job of stopping any attempts to escape.
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was also known as a badger hound. Moreover, in America Pembrokes were exhibited in the group of terriers until 1934.
These days, Pembrokes can still be used to control all kinds of pets, from feathered animals to calves and piglets. Corgis are also very effective rat catchers.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Man

First and foremost, corgi is a companion dog. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not a breed that can live somewhere in the backyard by itself. They need to have contact with their owner, they’re ready to accompany you everywhere! They love car rides and are very attentive to the road, you can take them with you to offices and cafes, and those around you, even ardent anti-doggers, respond well to such company. Corgis will happily spend time either camping or in a fancy hotel. They will be happy anywhere, and will be welcomed everywhere! Pembrokes love fun games as much as quiet evenings, nestled next to their owner under a warm blanket or at their feet, watching you work.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Children

The Pembroke is the perfect dog for families with children. The cheerful and friendly Pem is always ready to play in children's company.
The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is small in size and strong in constitution, which allows them to romp with children without harming everyone involved, and both children and Pembroke have the same battery life. Pems play with children enthusiastically, adjusting speed and pressure depending on the age of the child. Cookies and apples can evaporate from baby's hands, of course, as can a favorite toy, but young children are very quick to find a way to outwit the sassy dog.
If a child is born in the family after you got the dog, the Pembroke becomes a real babysitter and proudly guards the stroller during the walk, and at home lets the parents know that the baby has cried or is worried.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Training

One must always remember that the pembroke is a real sheepdog in a small body. It is commonly believed that the Corgi is a very intelligent dog, but unfortunately, it is only born with a brain that needs to be directed, not with a pre-installed obedience trial course. Corgis are too smart for their own good, their intelligence is the exact reason why they should be trained!
If you leave the education of a young pembroke on its own, you run the risk of ending up with an uncontrollable daredevil.
You don't have to learn all the commands of general training and perform them in the subway at restraint, but the basic rules of behavior are essential. There are a lot of ways to start training nowadays: from online courses to individual training. The main thing is to not be lazy! Time and effort spent on training will save you a lot of nerves in the future.

Characteristics of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke

You can learn to enjoy life from corgi! This is an eternally positive dog with a friendly character, a note of cheekiness and mischief, a huge curiosity and a sense of dignity.
In addition to being smiley dogs, they are dogs with inflated egos: they are ready to fight an elephant any day! Pembrokes are ready to defend their positions in spite of their opponent’s size! They actually think that they are very tough animals, which really makes me respect them.
The motto of the corgi is, "We're up for anything but a hunger strike!"