Welsh Corgi Pembroke: description

A big dog in a small package. The Pembroke is a tough, energetic, sensible dog with a lively expression and a "clownish" sense of humor.

General view

A big dog in a small package. The Pembroke is a tough, energetic, sensible dog with a lively expression and a "clownish" sense of humor. It is the most endearing trait of the breed. Being timid and vicious is not characteristic for this breed.
The initial wariness in a new situation does not indicate cowardice or timidity, it is a consequence of the Pembroke's prudence.

The size of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke

This is a stocky, moderately stretched dog. Weight varies according to size, bone and overall fitness.

According to the Welsh Corgi Pembroke breed standard:
  • Height at withers: 25-30 cm
  • Weight in proportion to height, but no more than 13,6 kg for males and 12,7 kg for females

Welsh corgi Pembroke: tail
  • long
  • dipped
  • natural bobtail
Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppies are born with long tails or as natural bobtails. Further, at the breeder's discretion, the tails can be cropped or left in their natural form. Natural bobtail puppies are born with different tail lengths: from almost without tails up to ¾ long tail. That's why we often have to crop even a natural bob, because the tail will lengthen as the dog grows.

In some countries tail cropping is forbidden.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke: hair

Corgis’ coat is perfect! It is easy to care for due to its moderate length and proper structure. It protects the Pembroke from changes in temperature and is easy to clean. Thick undercoat is short and dense. The coat on the head, the back of the ears and on the front of the paws is short. A slightly elongated coat frames the muzzle and "fairy saddle" behind the shoulders.

A distinction is made between a standard coat and a fluffy coat (not to be confused with a carrier of the fluffy gene)

Fluffy Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Fluffy Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a dog with an extremely long coat with an abundance of fleece on the ears, chest, legs, paw pads and all over the body. The coat is uncommonly soft, silky, and dressy on the body with a covering coat of the standard structure on the back. In the breed it is considered a fault and such dogs are not allowed for breeding, although they look pretty dressy and have a wonderful character.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke: color

There are two colors in the breed: red with white and tricolor.

Red can have many shades - it is the most diverse color from light red fawn to elegant sable.

A true sable looks marvelous and makes a dog look like it's glowing. Unfortunately, a true sable coat is a rare occurrence. The idea of a sable coat is that the base of the hair is one color and the tips are always a different color.

Usually, the base of the hair is light or even red, reddish or sandy, while their tips are of a darker, almost black, color.

Sable coloring may appear on a Corgi puppy after 3 months of age and it begins on the head or in the chest area.

Fawn color is one of the oldest. Fawn coloring includes all shades of sand with gilded tones, from the lightest to the deepest color. However, there should not be a display of red tones.

The hallmark for fawn colors will be the transition from dark to light tone on the hips, under the tail, on the limbs and on the belly of the dog.

You can't call fawn coat color pale, sandy or red, as these colors are a completely different phenomenon.


Tricolor is a black, red and white coloration. A distinction is made between:
  • dark-headed tricolor
  • black-headed tricolor
  • tricolor with a “cap”
White markings are present on paws, chest, neck (as a marking or as a full collar), muzzle, lower body and as a narrow blaze on the head.

Non-standard colors:

White spots between withers and tail, on flanks between elbows and back of thighs, and on ears are not acceptable.

Black and white with no red tan.

A solid white and black color is a clear sign of a mix.

Also, the breed is not characteristic for marbled color - it is a cardigan or a mix of Pembroke and cardigan.

Blue color Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a pedigree fault. Wool has a bluish tint. This color is paired with light or blue eyes, as well as gray pigmentation on the lips and nose. Such puppies are born if both parents have the coat lightening gene.

Color of small Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppies

In nature, the coloration of baby mammals is very different from what an adult animal will have. A puppy acquires the actual coloration after the junior molt. Red-and-white puppies tend to have gray coats of varying shades. Many redheaded puppies have a black "mask" on their muzzle, which will disappear as they mature. The mask may only remain if one of the parents has a black mask.

Baby tricolors are almost black and lighten greatly with age. Color change in tricolors is always very surprising to their owners and initially they do not believe that a little piece of charcoal will grow into a red-headed dog.

Neither color can be called "classic," although there is a clear preponderance of redheads. Whichever color you choose, the Pembroke will be your best friend!