Who should not get corgi?

You definitely do not need a corgi if you spend your whole day in the office all day and do not have the opportunity for a full walk and practice with the dog! Corgi get fat from lack of movement, and from lack of mental and emotional stress, they acquire bad habits and entertain themselves by spoiling your belongings.
This dog is for sure not for a chain or an aviary! Corgis love people too much and need constant interaction with a person, although they are not known for being obsessive. You cannot treat the corgi as a cute toy, otherwise you risk getting an uncontrollable, wayward dog. Always remember that there is a real shepherd dog behind the cute appearance! If you are a couch potato and do not like active walks, then corgi is not your choice! This is not a "couch" dog. You will have to come to turns with the abundance of fur! The hair in the soup is just a "seasoning"!

Why do you need corgi?

Corgi is the perfect shepherd dog for the city and family.
Corgis are compact and will easily fit even in a small apartment.
Pembrokes are very friendly and do not show aggression towards humans.
Corgi is a dog that makes you smile! Corgis are incredibly smart and superbly trainable.
They are endowed with high intelligence and excellent memory. Pembrokes are great for active young people who want a companion with a perky character, as well as middle-aged people who want a loyal and cheerful friend.
Corgis get along well with children.
Corgis are not annoying and understand the mood of the owner very well.


Brave and friendly expression. The look is smart and curious. Never timid or spiteful.
Squat, powerful, strong, alert and lively dog, gives the impression of solidity and strength with it’s small dimensions. A dog shouldn’t be too stocky and very heavy-boned or light-boned like a hound.

The first phrase of the standart gives the impression of a big dog in a small package. As a shepherd dog corgi is physically strong enough to do it’s job and not get tired of it. A heavy-boned dog is too stocky and will get tired quickly.
Corgi is a balanced, energetic and pretty smart small dog, who’s cautious and kind expression tells you about their wits and even sense of humor, which makes this breed one of the most charming in the world. Being timid or spiteful is uncharacteristic for corgi. Their first cautious reaction and willingness to defend themselves in case of emergency in a new situation shouldn’t be taken for timidity or resentment.
Right type, which includes overall balance and format, external appeal, noble expression and stable temper is of the utmost importance. The definition above reflects the basic ingredients of the ideal corgi. Males should be masculine without excessive rudeness, and females should be feminine, but not too graceful.
Movement, which can be assessed from the side, is especially important. A dog with a smooth and free gait, initially correct and should be highly regarded. Correct movements indicate correct structure. A Pembroke with the correct skeletal proportions and musculature can run in a purposeful, fluid manner without changing the topline. Сorgi's creeping gait complements the overall picture. Disqualifying faults: too small or too large of a dog; hanging, rose-shaped, or falling ears; undershot or overshot; fluffy, with a predominance of white, no white markings or blue coat.
The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is distinguished by a great love of life, a sense of humor, liveliness, benevolence and innate intelligence. Corgis are loving and devoted, they adore the family of their owner. They are very loyal to all people and other animals, they easily get along with cats. They treat children very well, especially the little ones, look after them and protect them. They calmly endure life in the city. They adapt to any climate without much difficulty.

This is a very cheerful and lively dog, loves games and long walks. Corgis love to play, but will not demand to continue if the owner decides to end the game.They maintain excellent relationship with all household members, without showing their apparent preference. At the same time, with those who do not want to accept them, they "keep their distance." They know exactly when they can come up and caress, when it is better not to be seen, when it is fine to be capricious, and when full dedication is required from them. When meeting strangers, the Pembroke says, “Damn! New people liked me again! "


No one knows how and when the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed appeared in the British Isles. There are many legends and theories about the origin of the breed.

According to Welsh legend, corgi is a gift to people from noble fairies. Another legend tells about peasant children who found two puppies similar to foxes in the trees, but at home they learned that these were not foxes at all, these were small dogs ridden by fairies.

It is reliably known that the breed is very ancient, belongs to the county of Wales, or rather to the Pembrokeshire county. Means "dwarf dog" in Welsh. Since ancient times, Corgis have grazed cattle and guarded farms. For the specific manner of biting cattle by the hind legs, they were called "tongs dog". Thanks to their short legs corgis are able to avoid injuries from being hit by hooves.
Attention got drawn to the breed only after the corgi became the favorites of the English queen. In 1933, the Duke of Yorkshire presented a corgi puppy to his daughters - Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II, and Margaret Rose.

The first corgi were brought to Russia in 1993 from Finland, but did not gain popularity. Only from the end of the 90s the formation of the breed began in our country.

Breed history