Born: 06.16.2019

Junior Champion of Russia
Maverick. It's a dream come true for a gorgeous, vibrant tricolor. Once I saw Maveri’s tricolor brother by mom and with the same blood by dad - Kri (STYLE LIFE UNICUM) in person, I got fired up!

Maverick is a typical American in the best traditions of CAAMORA and TALLYRAND kennels. Born from exit mating of an amazing producer Mulya (STYLE LIFE AIPINE ROSE) with the Grand Champion of America Romeo (CAAMORA SHAMQUIN HOT COUTURE)

Maverick's mother Mulya (STYLE LIFE AIPINE ROSE) got a honourable Producer Champion title after two litters, even before Maverick was born.

Romeo (CAAMORA SHAMQUIN HOT COUTURE) is closed for third-party mating, but for Mulya (STYLE LIFE AIPINE ROSE), the only Russian bitch, the owners of the dog made an exception. Romeo has unique bloods that our American counterparts do not want to share. It was obtained by artificial mating with frozen semen many years after the death of its unmatched father TALLYRAND NO GREATER LOVE.

Maverick is very masculine, has excellent anatomy, excellent temperament and amazing charisma. Experts note masculinity, excellent angles and limbs setup, correct front and solid body, good bones and free movement.