Born: 02.24.2018

Junior Champion of Russia,

2xJunior Champion RKF, Champion of Russia

Zaika’s acquisition was not planned. I went to take pictures of the puppies, and the breeder had two litters of them and I immediately singled out this girl with a completely puppet-like expression among all of them. Then I told the breeder that she was the best of the two litters. As time went on, the puppies grew and found their families, but Zaika was still not sold! And then the breeder told me, come on already, take your beauty! Zaika was waiting for me and it immediately became clear when we came after her.

Zaika’s pedigree has magnificent representatives of the breed. The father MISTYCOR YANKEE PANKY has great success in the shepherd's service.

Zaika is a gentle, cozy dog and a successful show winner, easily closed the titles under very strict experts, repeatedly becoming the Best of Breed. Experts note a beautiful, in breed type head, femininity, excellent neck opening, solid top, correct format, excellent angles of the front and hind limbs, balanced movements.