Born: 06.16.2019

Junior Champion Russia

This is the dog you can only dream about! Her acquisition was planned long before her birth. I am in love with her mother Mulya (STYLE LIFE AIPINE ROSE) and really wanted her continuation!

Mulya (STYLE LIFE AIPINE ROSE) got a very hard to achieve Producer Champion title after two litters, even before the birth of Alice's litter.

When I asked the breeder for a puppy from Mulya, I still did not know who would become a husband. The breeder managed to accomplish a completely impossible in terms of complexity exit mating and the father of the litter was an American Romeo (CAAMORA SHAMQUIN HOT COUTURE). Romeo (CAAMORA SHAMQUIN HOT COUTURE) is extremely limited for third-party mating, but for Mulya (STYLE LIFE AIPINE ROSE), the only Russian bitch, the owners of the dog made an exception. Romeo has unique bloods that his American counterparts do not want to share. It was obtained by artificial mating with frozen sperm many years after the death of its consummate father TALLYRAND NO GREATER LOVE.

Alice turned out to be an improved copy of her mother. Experts note femininity, harmony, a beautiful head of clean lines, a magnificent front and an excellent neck, excellent angles and correct positioning of the limbs, free movements.